A Lonely War

from by Stalwart Sons



A Lonely War

The stewards spread for miles
and the rain to wash them down some
when out from the mourning,
we tipped our glass overflowing,
drank whole at our weakness,
the derricks bucking as they taunt:
dig my ground, dig it dry
'til there's nothing left under your feet

From out a poison tongue
won't tease a sullen answer
From out my grasping fingers
the guitars all bled out

While kids turn their faces to the sun
black helicopters block the light
I'll wave the cane at the shadows
until I'm old and bent
The Halloween generation sleeps
shake the bed to rouse my sons
If we spurn to conquer lost nations
but we fight a lonely war
such a lonely war

In an area of the world the wherein we can exploit a natural resource to its fullest, privileged to such a great degree, causing a huge influx of money to the province, but rarely to the places that need it. The loss, both environmental and moral, far outweighs the gains. The supposed benefit we see is fleeting; the idea of stewardship is one that is lost. How lonesome to be the only one to see the sun about to set, to see the desert coming.


from Stay Cold, released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Stalwart Sons Calgary, Alberta

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