Horse Blanket Rash

from by Stalwart Sons



Horse Blanket Rash

The breath is freezing
as if it were to never end
and the wind it breezes
and shows it's brawn against my back

If we were to look on
every river wound against
run over one thousand blessings:
"May we never thaw, Amen."

O may you sing true
O may it forever burn,
the car seats we pile these horse blankets on

My little brothers
My heavy eyes
My empty bottle
My bowie knife
My saddle sore
My Colville dime
Those hearts all bleeding
My hungry skies & growing lists


I’m fully aware of how I must come off, continually treading this theme of Canadianism, giving myself a rash from constantly rubbing this theme into the ground. Nevertheless, I still feel compelled to keep digging at it. Our country has yet to define itself, and as it ages, its people care less and less about it. I have not exhausted my fascination with this place, these songs, effective lists, are an attempt at getting one step closer to definition.


from Stay Cold, released September 20, 2012



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Stalwart Sons Calgary, Alberta

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